Introducing Me

Hi, my name is Carrie Stratford-Collver and I need more friends...well, more friends to taste test everything I've been creating in the kitchen lately. I've been told I'm fattening everybody up...I don't know if that's a good thing or not, I just don't like people to leave my house hungry, is that so bad. Food, family & friends have always gone hand in hand with me, heck, we still have Sunday dinner at my Grandparents every week as a family. On this blogging journey you'll meet my 2 kids, Connor & January, and my amazing husband, Aaron...they are the reason I spend so much time in the's where I can shower them with all kinds of home cooked love. Thanks for checking my blog out...I hope you find something you like:)

Beer is Proof that God Loves Us & He Wants Us to Be Happy!!


  1. Hey Carrie, how beautiful is that!!! I love your blog. What an amazing way to share your talents and your beauty with others. I'm very impressed! And definitely a subscriber.

  2. Congratulations! Read the article in the news papers. What an honour!!
    Pauline Cloet

    1. Hi Pauline,

      Thanks, I was honored to be was a pretty special night & I'm so glad I could share it with my family & have them all there:)